10 Halloween Marketing Ideas For Your Local Business

“Dark was the night, and cold was the ground.

Don’t shiver in fright, as spooky things abound.

Halloween is in sight, here great ideas you’ve found.

Now you see the light, for Meegle is around.”

You got that right. As the spooky season is just right around the corner, local businesses are starting to prepare for Halloween. And for sure, local business owners and marketing teams will be busy coming up and looking for marketing ideas for Halloween. Because, why not? It’s Halloween! The time of the year for trick-or-treats and pumpkins has arrived. Let’s celebrate Halloween the local business style.

Every year, businesses in all sizes willingly spend their time and resources in strategizing trendy Halloween marketing campaigns. Aside from the fact that this spooky holiday is traditionally celebrated all over the world, Halloween marketing is an excellent opportunity for your local business to provide something different and exciting from what your customers usually expect from you.

It is a special event for your marketers and local company, as you get to show more of your creative skills while having fun. More importantly, Halloween business marketing allows you to engage with your customers, gain more interest, and drive more consumers towards your business’ way. In return, you’ll experience an increase in engagement and sales for your company.

If you are concerned about how much you’re going to spend and “afraid” that your local business can’t stand up to the big brands that are shedding millions for their Halloween marketing campaign, worry no more. There is no shortage of great ideas in this corner. Now, it’s time to ramp up your Halloween marketing this year to get the attention of your consumer base and potential customers. Spook up your brand with these ten scary-good marketing ideas for a Halloween special your customers won’t forget.

Paranormal Online Activity

Except for the word “Online”, what might pop up in your mind is the famous horror movie with a similar name. Nope, that’s not what it means. And it’s certainly not what we’re going to do. To start getting into the Halloween spirit, incorporate some spooky flavor with your online branding. 

Try editing your company logo and add elements of Halloween. You can then use your Halloweenized logo in any way you can, be it on your business website or anywhere your brand is on.

Decorate your website with Halloween-themed designs to keep the vibe going so that internet users landing on your homepage can feel the holiday spirit. Also, posting the Halloween version of your logo as the profile photo on your social media pages is another great idea. It brings more awareness to your subscribers that your business has something going on for Halloween. 

Halloween Special Content

For your Halloween special, curate your content that lines up with the spooky holiday. 

You can add text on your website content that will give a little scare to your visitors to get them into the spirit of Halloween. But make it fun and entertaining to fully attract everybody’s attention, from your loyal consumers to potential customers. 

Publish Halloween-themed content for blogs and articles to drive more shoppers to your website. Write helpful content for your readers that will solve their problems and take away their stress during this festive month. You can also send spooky emails to your online subscribers and customer list like Halloween-themed email newsletters. Doing so will boost sales and brand awareness, especially for small businesses.

Spook-ify Your Products

Source: Purpink

One of the best Halloween marketing ideas ever is to spook-ify your products just for October. Take note: your Halloweenized products are available only for October. One month only. Doesn’t that sound “limited edition” to you? Yes, that’s why this tip is one of the best marketing ideas of Halloween.

Offering your products injected with the festive flavor of Halloween creates buzz for your brand, bringing more interest coming your way because your products become limited editions due to the theme and span of availability. 

Don’t forget to let your customers know about your new Halloween-themed offerings. Keep them in the loop by posting photos and articles on social media and your website featuring limited editions. It’s the perfect time to capitalize on driving Halloween shoppers to your business’ doorstep, offline and online.

Otherworldly Deals and Discounts

Scare the competition by coming up with otherworldly deals and discounts your customers can’t run away. Halloween puns intended. Unique holiday deals are another great idea for Halloween business marketing. Providing discounts to shoppers during a holiday, as fun-filled as Halloween, works significantly for local businesses as it boosts the interest of your brand and of course, your revenue. Consumers are more inclined to purchase products from companies that offer exclusive deals and huge discounts during the holidays, helping alleviate the hustle and stress of shopping.

A Trick-or-Treat Event

What is Halloween without good old trick-or-treating? Hosting a trick-or-treat event is the one thing a Halloween marketing campaign must and should always have. A trick-or-treating event on your store increases foot traffic to your business. Understand this. With free candies available at your business’ doorstep, kids are going to flock to your store. If you’re lucky enough, some trick-or-treating kids have their parents tailing them. 

Hosting an event that’s safe for kids will make you win over their favor. These parents now become potential customers as they had a glimpse of your business. You can approach them and provide handouts or offer to let them in your store to make them more interested.

Your Brand Of Halloween Freebies

The best marketing tricks for Halloween that interest consumers are the ones with freebies. Who doesn’t like freebies? No one.

An excellent thing to give out for free that’s in line with Halloween is a trick-or-treat bag. But not just any ordinary one. It’s your line of branded trick-or-treat bags. Have your bags printed with your company logo and offer them as a freebie if customers purchase or spend a certain amount.

Halloween Costume Party/Contest

To get that Halloween spirit going, what better way to have fun while still promoting your business during this season than to hold a Halloween costume party and contest. It’s a great Halloween marketing idea to get people coming into your business store and increase engagement online.

Launch a Halloween Costume contest on your website or social media and make your customers submit their entries via posting photos of them in scary costumes. Hand out gift certificates/cards to the runners-up and add some freebies and limited edition products for the winner.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Another idea of an event for your Halloween business marketing is by having a pumpkin carving contest either online or offline. If you want to do it online, you can have it as a Halloween costume contest suggested before this.

Let your customers submit photos or videos showing their carving skills and pumpkin art on your website or by posting on social media with your account tagged. Don’t forget to stamp your brand on the prizes and giveaways.

Spook-ify Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Source: Getsocial.nz

Aside from your Halloween events posts, spook-ify your presence on social media with Halloween-themed posts and content. You can make a spooky video showing your company welcoming Halloween season with sneak peeks of what’s to come for them and post it on every social media page your business has.

As mentioned earlier, add some spooky flavor to your company logo and make it your profile picture. To make your posts more Halloween-y, add some emojis like the bat, spider web, pumpkin, and ghost emojis.

Feature Customers’ Halloween-themed Content

When you hold online events like Halloween costume party and pumpkin carving contest, you’ll get loads of customer-generated content. Leverage these content on your website by featuring them on a specific section created only for the Halloween season or on your news page. Your customers will feel appreciated and involved with your business when you acknowledge them in a big way. Plus, it attracts visitor’s eyes when they see that your company gives special attention to your customers’ efforts, not only their pockets.