5 Reasons Your Local Business Needs A Website

Technology has brought the world a great deal of value in terms of getting things done efficiently. As a business owner, running an establishment and managing your employees are already a handful. This makes a website not a part of your priorities list. But little did you know, a local business website does have a significant impact on improving your customer service and inviting more customers to your local business.

Still not convinced?

Here are five reasons why your business should have a website ASAP:

1. You’re reachable 24x7x365

As a business owner, you always want to be an open line for your customers. But being available 24/7 for 365 days a year is just inhumanly possible even with sheer will and determination.

Customers want to access information whenever they need it, and the first place they go to when looking for information is online. With that in mind, you want to make sure that your information is available even in non-operating hours.

contact options for a business

By having a small business website, you can do exactly just that.

A website can also be a place of communication between you and your customers. If they had a bad experience with your services, they could very well contact or leave a review on your website without having face-to-face confrontations.

If you’re worried about getting negative reviews, you’re simply wasting your time. Even if you don’t have a website, when your customer wants to leave a review of their bad experience, not having a website will stop that for they could still leave a review on platforms such as Yelp and Facebook. You can do damage and reputation control easily if reviews are managed on your website.

2. Business’s proof of credibility

Did you know that 75% of consumers base a company’s credibility through its website design?

an example of a local business website

Business owners usually choose social media as their primary channel to connect with customers. Though that is a logical place to promote your site, you can’t control what others would share about your business in these types of platforms.

It is a platform for socializing and connecting with peers after all. So they have the right to share whatever they perceive about your services.

With a website that’s well designed and has a specially curated content, you have the power to shape your business brand’s image. You can create your own brand’s story and motivate more extra people to convert into customers quickly.

3. Easier to market your business

If social media is the only place you’re using to introduce your products and/or services, then you’re definitely missing out on an immense opportunity to invite more customers to your establishment.

With a website, you have the chance to introduce your business offers with great content, high-resolution images, and even an instructional video of a product. You can even include testimonials and how you’ve provided excellent service to past customers.

A large percentage of people nowadays always turn to their mobile phones when looking for services and the like. If you’ve been wanting to reach out to a younger and a much larger audience, having a website for your local business is the key.

4. Cheaper than ads

Running ads is expensive. Although they can boost your brand’s visibility and online presence, once you turn it off or your ads budget runs out, your hard-earned engagement will slowly wind down.

As a smart business owner, you want long-term results with your marketing dollars and having a local business website can help you achieve that.

Assuming that you’ve implemented a proper On-Page SEO strategy and a well-written set of content for each page, you will eventually gain website traffic organically and rank high local pack results on Google.

The good news is, getting a website nowadays is not that hard or expensive as it was before. When you use an online presence management tool like Meegle, you can manage not only your website content, but also your social media pages, and reviews from multiple platforms all in one place.

5. Beat out your competitors

Staying ahead of the competition is a business strategy to stay relevant to target customers. One way to do that is by being available to your customers whenever they search for you or your products and services.

72% of the time, a customer’s buying journey for local businesses starts with a simple Google search. They are looking out for a list of prospects in terms of good reviews, prices, and who’s nearest to their current location.

If you’re not found in that search, you’re already handing out that possible sale to your competitors.

Things to remember for your local business website

Go for a simple yet professional design

Remember 75% who thinks the website’s design affects business credibility?

two people planning a website on a white board

When designing your website, remember to stick to the company’s message. It’s better to hire a professional website designer that has done similar projects before.

Investing in this one-time deal can start off the online presence your business just needs to brand itself online.

Accurate and consistent content

With great design comes with great content.

Make sure your website not only looks professional but also has a well-curated content that perfectly targets your customers.

You would want to double-check your NAP (name, address, and phone number) information to give customers a convenient way to connect with your business.

Optimize for SEO

A proper implementation of On-Page SEO on your local business website can help your website rank faster in search engines like Google.

a person optimizing a website to rank a small business

Here are the important things you should remember:

  • Optimize proper HTML tags (header tags, meta description, title tags, etc.)
  • Add schema markup
  • Do keyword research
  • Precise structuring of internal links
  • Create a unique and original copy (text, images, videos)

Summed Up Wisdom

If you think you don’t need a website because you have a small business and you only cater to the locals in your area, then you’re definitely missing out a lot of opportunities for success and growth.

According to a study from Capital One, 56% percent of businesses already have a website. This means only at least half of those started to transition to the modern world, and there’s still a huge chance for your business to catch up on your competition.

With technology making everything easier and accessible today for consumers, now is definitely the time to build a company website!

Need a smart business website?

If you don’t know where to start on building a website, Meegle can help you get started. Right from choosing a domain, selecting design templates, to content creation, we’ll be with you all the way to your business success. To learn more, click here.