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How To Grow Your Local Business On Facebook

Facebook helped hundreds of thousands of local businesses around the world to grow. From its powerful advertisement options to group pages, Facebook has many tools local businesses can use. There are even millions of existing local business pages on Facebook right now. If you’re thinking of marketing your local business on Facebook, you’re probably thinking of these questions:

How will I get noticed?

How will I increase my following?

To assure that you are reaching as many of your target audience as possible and your sales will continue to grow despite your competition, you will have to use unique Facebook marketing strategies such as the following:

1. Go beyond review sites

If you want to market a wide array of audiences, you should explore other social media channels such as Facebook. A lot of people today aren’t hanging out on Yelp or Google. Most of them would check Facebook first thing in the morning, during their daily tasks, and before going to bed. That’s why you should focus more on Facebook Marketing for local businesses.

Facebook can give you a lot of opportunities for your local business to grow. As for reviews, they have an option for your customers to leave feedback and recommend your product. It is also the best way for you to build customer relationship because you can personally message your customers if they have problems with your service.

2. Post good content

You might have heard of the saying that content is king. Make it as your number one goal to attract your followers every time you post something on your Facebook business page.

A Facebook post about a local singing contest

To promote your business on Facebook, you need to do more than just setting up a Facebook page such as using it and posting regularly. While it’s essential to update your page regularly, always keep in mind to share quality content.

Before you can attract your customers, you must first know who your right audience is and what post you think that can start a conversation between you and your customers. If you’re unsure what your customer’s want to see, you can experiment with Facebook Insights.

Facebook Insights is a free tool for every business page. It will show you valuable information such as how many people engaged with your posts and its reach. It’s also important to remember that Facebook is a social media platform, so you should be social. Give them a reason on why they should take action on your product.

Start by posting high engagement content, including:

  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Facts
  • Questions
  • Polls
  • Fill-in-the-blanks
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Links to interesting & inspiring articles
  • Tagged photos from your customers
  • Customer testimonials
  • Facebook Notes

Remember that the way how Facebook’s page algorithm works is when your fans only see posts from the pages they engage with. Make sure that only 50% of your posts should be focused on selling your products. The other 50% must be designed to capture engagement from fans to make sure that all of your posts will continue to show up in their news feeds.

3. Promote your page

How can you promote your local business on Facebook if no one sees your content? Good thing, there are ways how you can gain followers organically on Facebook. This Facebook marketing technique for local businesses can help you grow your audience.

You can start by sending invites to your friends and family to like your page and insert the link on your Facebook business page into your website and other marketing materials. It’s also a good practice to give away discounts and coupons for your customers every time they like your page.

You can also create Facebook contests. People love to participate in contests, especially if they can redeem the prize locally and immediately. Simply post a photo of your product with the content guidelines on how to win. You can have them answer a series of questions and follow your social media accounts in exchange for a prize.

Even if they don’t win the contest, they will still be eager to visit your business out of curiosity.

4. Facebook Ads

If you’re having trouble in getting followers and engagement organically, try Facebook Ads. Although it will cost you some money, the return rate is high. This will give you a higher chance of getting targeted leads with similar interest and sales.

Starbucks Ads

Keep in mind that in order for you to get the best results, you need to add an enticing image and persuasive text with a call-to-action to your advertisement. The Facebook Ad Library is essential for your advertising strategies. This will give you an idea of what ads your competitors are currently running across Facebook

To give you an idea, promoted Facebook posts looks just like regular Facebook posts. Millions of people can see it in different Facebook placements, such as News feed, Facebook story, messenger, marketplace, and so much more.

Set up a daily budget and target your customers based on their age, country, status, language, and occupation. If you have enough existing customer data, you can start making custom and lookalike audiences to reach people that are interested in your product or service easily.

Use Facebook Ads when:

  • You want to grow your Facebook page followers.
  • You want to increase your website traffic.
  • You want to get more sign-ups, bookings, app downloads, and sales.
  • You want to showcase your new products and services.
  • You want to run social media contests.
  • You want to capture more leads for your email list.

5. Use Facebook Wi-Fi

The Facebook WiFi feature is an effective strategy to get more customers to your local business. This is a software that is installed on Wi-Fi routers that let customers connect to your store’s free internet per visit.

It’s like a “give and take” situation, where your customers can get access for free internet and at the same time, it offers your business more opportunities to connect and acquire new potential customers.

Connecting is easy. Your customers will only need to connect to the business WiFi network and open the browser they’d like to visit. They will then be redirected to your Facebook business page. Customers will then need to log-in to Facebook first before they can check-in. Once they click on the check-in button, they will be taken to your Facebook business page, where they can see your latest posts. When your customers check in on Facebook, a post appears in their news feed, saying they’re at your business. This can also prompt their friends, who might be your potential customers.

This strategy will enable you to maximize Facebook for local business.

6. Start Facebook Events

One of the most effective ways to connect with your customers is to meet with them face-to-face by creating a Facebook event. You simply have to organize a small event that is relevant to your business and encourage people to come in with their family and friends. If you are a coffee shop owner, you can start an event for a poetry night.

An local event with a host and audience

7. Collaborate with other pages

Partner up with businesses that links to your products and services. For example, a shampoo product could form an alliance with a salon. Find businesses with the same amount of likes and approach them with an offer to cross-promote your business. Whether it is a joint offer, a competition, or a mention. It’s one of the easiest ways to double your following and get more customers.

8. Ask for recommendations

The Facebook marketing strategy for your local business wouldn’t be complete without reviews.

Facebook recently brought a new update to business pages to help more people connect with local businesses. One of the main highlights of their update is Facebook recommendations. This will help people in a local community find a place to go, eat, or shop. Facebook recommendations will not just help your online reputation, but it also adds up to your local search rankings.

The Pyramid Facebook Recommendation

According to Facebook, about 2 in 3 Facebook users visits the page of a local business at least once a week and 1 in 3 people on Facebook use the platform to look for recommendations and reviews. It is a solid practice if you ask customers to leave a testimonial for your business.

This will not just let you reach more people on Facebook, but this can also be used as an advantage for you to know what went wrong on your business and what should be done.

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Your turn

If you run a local business, don’t waste your time and start using Facebook to increase your sales and reach potential customers. By applying these 8 simple local Facebook marketing techniques, you’re already close in making your local business a powerhouse in your community.