Local Search Engine Optimization

Work on your local SEO and dominate the local SERPS

Applying SEO to your local business website increases chances of higher rankings in the search results which could attract more website visitors and then, local sales.

Implement On-Page Optimization

To be on the top of the search results, your business website must first be optimized for SEO. Applying these simple tactics could bring a huge difference in website traffic. Especially if you’re targeting local audience.

As a part of the smart website feature, Meegle lets you optimize your website content for on-page SEO with tags such as titles and metas.


Updated Website information and listings

Not only that you want to use a fresh and detailed content on your website, you’d also want it to be consistent as much as possible. A consistent business information such as menus, services, products, prices, and business hours are essential in keeping your customers well informed when they search for your business.

With Meegle as a platform for smart business websites, we can help you with any quick edits that can be done even from your smartphone.

Customer Reviews from Different Channels

When it comes to local SEO, your customers’ reviews are one of the most important factors that can either make or break your local business. Meegle lets you keep track of your customer reviews and at the same time, allows you to share those reviews on your website.

Dominate local the local SERPS and get website visitors that have higher chances of becoming customers that would convert.