We coordinate your business and your website’s infrastructure

No need to for you to be technical. All you have to do is to run your business the way you want it.

We make sure everything about your website is inline with your business. Even implementing your website’s domain, server, and hosting.


A domain is an address your customers use to find your website. After they enter the domain name on their browser, they will be able to browse through your products and services. However, getting and maintaining a domain is not an easy task and sometimes, business owners tend to overlook these tasks because of the busy schedules they go through every day.

With Meegle, we will take responsibility in looking for the domain that’s just right for your business’s brand..


Server & Hosting

Servers and Hosts are one of the most important yet most overlooked preventative measures for websites. Most business owners simply focus on how the site appears and how it works. All the hard work you put into your site will be wasted if your server frequently encounters downtimes.

You don’t need to learn all these technicalities. Meegle simply takes care of everything. Even your website’s infrastructure.

Enjoy a good night sleep knowing that your website is always up, running, and being available to your customers 24/7.