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Unlock Creativity: How Meegle Navigates the Central Theme in Video Production for Mediastorm

Every good story revolves around a central theme. However, it's challenging to keep it consistent throughout the production process. '(Meegle) is like a mighty compass, navigating scattered creative ideas towards a unified direction.'
—— Tim | Founder of Mediastorm
Meet Mediastorm
Recognized as one of the most influencial film studios, Mediastorm is successful in generating video contents covering digital product evaluation, filming tips, and ad content. In 2022, Mediastorm was ranked as one of the 'Top 100 Content Creators' and 'The Most popular Content Generator' on Bilibili, a popular Chinese online video-sharing platform. Notably, Mediastorm has amassed over 7 million fans on Bilibili and 376,000 followers on YouTube.
Industry: Internet & Tech - Media & Entertainment
Followers: Bilibili: 7.156 million, Youtube: 376k
Use case: Video creation
Employees: 100+
The Challenges
Creative ideas diverge in different directions
Video creation have intricate scopes that encompass multiple phases, including proposing ideas, content planning, shooting and post-production. These stages require various tasks, such as video editing, color grading, sound design, and adding visual effects, to be performed before finalizing the project. It's not surprising when the final production strays from the theme.
Over 20 collaborative roles in creation
In a single video creation project, over 20 distinct roles come together, encompassing directors, producers, scriptwriters, actors, cinematographers, editors, and various others. Each of these roles have their own unique creative inputs, schedules, and availability. Effectively coordinating and collaborating with all these individuals can present notable challenges.
Various forms of creative contents
In video production, various types of content including pictures, audio and video must be seamlessly integrated. However, it was difficult to track how each piece of content was performing, identify the responsible person, and effectively manage the overall delivery quality.
The Solutions
An orderly workflow turns creative ideas into captivating stories
To streamline video production, Mediastorm turned to Meegle. Meegle is a powerful platform for creative collaborators to turn each abstract creative concept into one after another captivating narratives. With Meegle's node-driven workflow, each creative idea is executed by breaking down smaller tasks and minimizing the risk of oversights. By using the voting function, everyone is able to express their opinions and actively participate in the decision-making process.
Gather each individual's contribution to depict the larger picture
Over 20 different roles are involved in video production, from directors, producers, scriptwriters, actors, cinematographers to editors. Each person has a specific set of tasks and responsibilities that contribute to the overall project. Meegle helps identify the roles and each person's corresponding responsibilities. Team members in Mediastorm can now better understand their individual contributions and how they fit into the larger picture. This clarity streamlines workflows, minimizes confusion, and prevents overlapping or duplicated efforts. When everyone knows what they are responsible for and how their work aligns with others, it becomes easier to coordinate and collaborate effectively.
Embedded project checkpoints safeguard content qualities
The implementation of review checkpoints serves as a pivotal step in the workflow. There is a high degree of dependency between each process node. Before progressing to the next phase of scheduling, the video production must successfully pass the script review stage. As creative content undergoes an approval stage, any potential issues or inconsistencies can be identified and addressed early on.
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