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Immerse Yourself in Excitement: POP MART reinvents the POP Draw experience with Meegle

'Meegle's node settings are incredibly flexible, enabling seamless management of the product development process and direct engagement with project stakeholders.' exclaimed Hugo. ' I have to say, Meegle is truly remarkable. It goes beyond industry boundaries and can be applied to any sector, not just software development but any kind of development, without doubt.'
—— Hugo | Head of POP MART's R&D Department
Industry: Consumer Industry
Department: R&D Center
Use case: Software Development
Employees: Around 1500
The Endeavor: Bringing the Exhilarating Unboxing Experience to the Digital World
Picture this: After placing an order and successfully completing the payment, you can immediately immerse yourself in the excitement of opening a blind box online. With a simple click on the 'open the POP box' button, you're instantly transported into the excitement of uncovering your chosen style, all without waiting for physical delivery.
Yet, developing an e-commerce platform with thrilling customer experience demands a high level of product development expertise. The R&D teams at POP MART encountered significant challenges in this endeavor, juggling hundreds of iterative features concurrently. ‘A feature isn't just a document or a design draft; it entails a multitude of intricate processes that necessitate meticulous refinement. Without a well-defined workflow and an efficient communication mechanism, rushing through it can lead to chaos, ultimately affecting the launch timeline and product quality.’ remarked Hugo, Head of POP MART’s R&D Department.
Meegle’s Solution: Streamlined Workflow and Optimized Scheduling
At the heart of Meegle lies a commitment to process refinement. Regardless of project complexity, it can be streamlined into a standardized workflow, enabling seamless collaboration among the R&D teams who can easily follow the established process. This efficient approach ensures the smooth flow of information and significantly reduces the need for extensive communication in large-scale projects.
Meegle emerges as an indispensable work collaboration tool for POP MART, effectively identifying and documenting tasks and goals at each project stage. It minimizes the need for excessive communication while enabling parallel work and ensuring execution for everyone involved.
The R&D teams also leveraged Meegle for project scheduling. An extensive overview of the projects being executed by numerous R&D members was presented, including anticipated timelines and designated phases for each stage.
It provided a clear overview of which projects dozens of R&D members were working on, their expected timeframes, and their designated slots at each stage. This enabled the product manager to swiftly identify and allocate resources based on the schedule. With this streamlined approach, product managers were able to efficiently determine resource allocation in accordance with the schedule.
POP MART has made significant strides in enhancing its R&D efficiency through the implementation of the state-of-the-art R&D Progress Management System powered by Meegle. This cutting-edge system empowers product managers to effortlessly track and manage every crucial aspect of the production and research process. Furthermore, it facilitates seamless collaboration among multiple departments, including operations, marketing, product development, UI design, front and back-end teams, and testing. The R&D team's remarkable achievement of setting up the e-commerce system for the live broadcasting room in just 8 days is truly impressive. Notably, the project's progress is currently 70% ahead of schedule, with sales skyrocketing to an astonishing 25 million CNY. Supported by Meegle, these exceptional results are a testament to POP MART's unwavering commitment to driving efficiency and success in its R&D endeavors.
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