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Manufacturing Template

The hardware development template, including visualized development workflow, risk management, and change management, provides clear control over progress.
Hardware Development
Intelligent hardware (smart hardware) combines software and hardware to imbue traditional devices with intelligent functionality. The research and development and manufacturing solutions of such products are highly complex, involving numerous roles and departments, posing significant challenges to project management.
The hardware development templates, including visualized development workflow, risk management, change management, and procurement management, enhance communication efficiency among participants and provide clear control over progress.
Suitable for Teams / Roles
  • Intelligent hardware manufacturing companies
  • Innovative hardware product development enterprises
  • Large hardware manufacturing enterprises
Meegle Work Items
  1. Project: Manage the whole process of hardware and software development projects
  1. Feature: Manage requirements
  1. Version: Manage releases with constant periodicity
  1. Issue: Record and track issues in Feature
  1. Change: Manage changes in projects
  1. Procurement: Manage procurement of projects
  1. Risk: Track and eliminate risks
How to use the template?
  1. Initiate a project
  • Work item: Feature
  • Feature type: Initiation
Start feasibility assessment and kick-off meeting in the standard project initiation workflow.
  1. Manage the project's progress
  • Work item: Project
  • Project type: Default
The project work item is the core of this template, and all other work items work around it.
In the pre-built workflow, software and hardware development processes are combined and clearly visualized.
You can easily manage multiple projects on one table.
  1. Add features, issues, risks, changes and procurement requirements to a project.
Or create a new ticket in Feature, Issue, Risk, Change, and Procurement. Choose the associated project.
  1. Choose different feature types for different demands
  • Project Initiation
  • Hardware development
  • Software development
  • Manufacturing
  • Sub-feature
Explore More Functions of the Intelligent Hardware Development Template
  1. Automation
  • Auto-rollback: The Initiation Review node will automatically roll back to the Initiation Report if the initiation review fails.
  • Auto notification
  1. Metrics Analysis & Reporting
Building charts and generating reports based on real-time data by using Meegle dashboard templates.