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Construction Engineering Template

The Meegle Construction project management template can help you lay out a clear plan, regularly monitor daily activities, and identify potential construction risks.
Engineer Management
Risk Management
Construction Project
Construction Project Management refers to the planning, coordination, and control of the various tasks involved in construction projects. This could include a variety of projects like agricultural, residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, and environmental.
The Meegle Construction project management template can help you lay out a clear plan, regularly monitor daily activities, identify potential construction risks, and foster clear communication among all project members and stakeholders.
Suitable for Teams / Roles
  • Project Managers: They can leverage this template to plan, manage, and review the entire lifecycle of the construction project, ensuring everything stays on track.
  • Engineers: Engineers, including civil, structural, and mechanical, and other specialized engineers, can use the template to track tasks, manage workflows, and collaborate with other teams.
  • Architects: It offers a platform for architects to manage design aspects, gather feedback, and monitor the implementation of their designs in the construction process.
  • Client / Stakeholders: Clients or project owners can receive updates, give feedback, and stay informed about the project's status and progress.
Meegle Work Items
  • Case: A set of projects and programs managed as a group to achieve strategic business objectives.
  • Project: Individual programs.
  • Risk: Record and track issues of case and project.
  • Task: Manage subtask of case and project.
How do I start using this template?
  1. [Create Cases] - Start a General Construction Life Cycle
  • Step 1: Open the [Case] work item.
  • Step 2: Create a new case ticket and use the standard workflow template. There are 9 nodes in this workflow, representing 9 essential stages of a construction case.
  • The general construction process: Market research >> Planning proposal >> Project design >> Project bidding >> Project construction >> Project acceptance >> Project delivery >> Project maintenance & retrospective
  1. [Create Projects] - Start Sub-processes of Case
  • Every stage of the general construction life cycle has a more detailed workflow in the Project work item. Create a project and select the corresponding workflow template.
  • Market Research: Requirements Analysis >> Market Trend Research >> Competitor Analysis >> Result
  • Plan Proposal: Set Project Goals >> Develop Project Strategy >> Expected Result Definition
  • Project Design: Preliminary Design >> Detailed Design >> Design Review
  • Project Bidding: Bid Preparation >> Bid Production >> Bid Review >> Submission of Bid >> Bid Feedback
  • Project Construct: Construction Preparation >> Implementation >> Construction Monitoring >> Construction Inspection
  • Project Acceptance: Architecture Acceptance >> Internal Decoration Acceptance >> Acceptance of Facilities and Equipment
  • Project Delivery: Business Operation Preparation >> Project Delivery
  • Project Review: Project Completion Review >> Cost and Budget Review >> Review of Engineering Quality and Safety
  1. Add Responsible Roles and Members
  • You can add project managers and other members to the big [Case], small [Projects] and even assign a owner to a specific node.
Under nodes, you can create subtasks and assign tasks to a certain member.
  1. Associate Projects with Case